Hunt 27-Montana Private Land Mule Deer and Pronghorns

Hunt exclusive private land holdings out of Forsyth, Montana for trophy mule deer and antelope.  This outfit is a small, family operation with exclusive outfitting rights on their properties. This part of Montana holds strong populations of good mule deer and antelope. Tags for deer and antelope are by drawing. In recent years this drawing has been undersubscribed and licenses remain open. Antelope drawing success hovers around 70-80% in this region.

If you want to see a lot of game and have the opportunity at 150-180 class deer, plus a chance at 13-16 inch antelope, Montana remains one of the best. This outfitter is about quality and does not book sheer volumes of hunters. This provides a much better experience than the high volume operators. The game is also better managed and the trophy quality shows.     

Hunt Prices:

Mule deer Hunt $4800 5 days food and lodging provided

Antelope hunts are $1800 fully outfitted

Prairie Dog shoots $250 per day with food and lodging


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