Hunt 22 - Alberta Big Horn Sheep and Deer Hunts

This outfitter is likely the finest and most productive Rocky Mountain Big Horn operator in Alberta. He is OVIS/ Grand Slam Club endorsed with a proven track record of success over many established years.  Bighorn hunts are offered in 2 distinct areas. Area #1 is a horse pack in type hunt in the Wylmore region. Rams in this area average around 160 B&C. This is a highly productive hunt from a success perspective.

Area #2 is the world famous Cadomin region. Those familiar with sheep hunting know this area well. This hunt is offered as a hunt fee/kill fee type situation as success rations can vary. Special arrangements can also be made to offer this hunt as a 3 year contract on request.

In addition to his specialty of bighorn sheep hunting he also offers limited whitetail and mule deer combo hunts from his home area outside of Edmonton. These are all full service hunts with good service and great people.

Hunt Prices:

Area#1 14 day Bighorn Sheep $35,000

Area #2 Big Horn Sheep 14 days $10,000 with a $18,000 kill fee 

Whitetail/Mule deer 6 day combo hunt $6500 for both species

We are proud to offer this hunt venue to our customers. It is likely one of the best remaining over the counter Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep hunts left in North America.


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