Hunt 17 Nevada Mountain Lions on Snow and Dry Ground

All this outfitter does is catch mountain lions. He outfits hound hunts in some of the more rugged areas of Nevada in search of trophy cats. With long seasons and plenty of country to cover this outfitter has managed to rack up an impressive track record on trophy toms.

In Nevada tags are easy to come by. This is a popular outfitter because he offers no other hunting at all; lions are his exclusive business.  Nevada is also a unique state because you can hunt lions 24 hours a day legally.

For those of you looking for a winter getaway or a great venue to hunt, this outfitter has had close to 100% success on his hunts. His hounds can run cats well in snow or dry ground conditions.
If cougars are on your list this outfitter is one to strongly consider.


Hunt Prices:

1x1 Cougar hunt $5900

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