Hunt #14 Colorado Mule Deer and More

This outfitter offers the rare opportunity to hunt exclusive private lands quality managed for big animals. This is one of the few places I know where a hunter can count on getting an opportunity at a 170 or larger buck.

In addition to Mule deer, this outfitter also offers free range and estate elk hunts. He also has an estate ranch with some of the largest fallow deer I have ever seen.

These are hunts of the highest quality with an outfitter who is also a travelling hunter. He understands the needs of his customers and goes the extra distance to assure your satisfaction. I recommend these hunts highly.

For those who decide to participate in the draw, we can lock in hunt rates with $1000 down pending receipt of the tag. Landowner tags can also be purchased at an added cost, but are limited.
If you are a trophy hunter, this place has and will continue to produce deer 190-210 most seasons. If you want to see a well managed ranch but cannot afford a trophy hunt, consider one of the management hunts.      


Hunt Prices:

5 day Archery Hunt $6000
5 day Muzzleloader Hunt $6000

5 Day Rifle - Elk 
1st Week (Draw Only License) $6000
2nd & 3rd Week Guaranteed Licenses$6000

Mule Deer (Licenses By Drawing Only)
3 day Management Hunts...$2500
3 day Trophy Management Hunts...$3500 
5 day Trophy Hunts...$6000
Plus Trophy Fee on deer over 170 SCI

170 - 179 ..... $1000
180 - 185 .....$1500
186 - 190 ..... $2000
191 - 195 ..... $3000
196 - 200 ..... $4000
201 - 205 ......$5000
206 - 209 ......$6000
210+ .............$10,000
(All Scoring Done by SCI Scoring)


Cow Elk Hunts
3 day Hunts $2000
(Licenses by Drawing Only)

Controlled Hunts
3 day Elk $6500 and up
3 day Mule Deer $6000 + trophy fees

3 day Fallow Deer $3500


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